2015 Olympic All-Star Camp is almost here!

2015 Winter All-Star Camp JPG

December 12th we will be having our first Olympic All-Star Camp with an extremely talented athlete, current U.S National Team member, Phillip Yun.  This event has limited capacity.  There are currently 11 spots left.  Email HwarangMD@Gmail.com for registration information!


2015 Master’s Cup Challenge Tournament RESULTS

Poomse :
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place

Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place

Matthew Baek – 1st place
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Sujin Galstad – 1st place
Rony Cao – 1st place
Jessica Wilson – 1st place
Nathan Brown – 1st place
Gia-Han Nguyen – 1st place (exhibition)
Joe Bray – 1st place (exhibition)
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place
Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place
Gregory Galstad – 2nd place

January 2014 Training Camp Weekend


Our second training camp weekend starts tomorrow at 8pm! Around this time last year we had our first training camp with the Penn State taekwondo club, and the event has grown considerably since then. This year, in addition to athletes from Penn State, we’re also expecting members of the UMBC taekwondo club, Olympian athlete Angel Roman, US military team competitor Greg Shepherd, and National team level competitors.

The short version of the schedule is on the main Hwarang calendar, but here are the details. All sessions take place at Hwarang Martial Arts.

Friday, January 17

Kicks and cardio session led by Master Samuel Lee. HMA team members will recognize this workout: 900s, Type III variation.

Saturday, January 18

Workout/conditioning session led by Master Samuel Lee.


Line and hogu drill session led by US military team competitor Greg Shepherd.


Sparring session led by Master Samuel Lee.

Sunday, January 19

Technical workout session led by Olympian taekwondo athlete Angel Roman.