December Belt Ceremony


We had more than 30 students earn belt promotion for our most recent belt ceremony! We’ve added some great pictures for that and for our outdoor training camp to our photo gallery. Check out a preview below! Thanks again to all the families who contributed to the belt ceremony. Without you it could never be such a huge success. And congratulations to all the students who earned their next rank. They’ve all worked so hard for it!

Hope everyone’s staying safe and warm during this especially cold holiday season. See you at the dojang!

Belt Ceremony December2014

Outdoor Training Camp November 2014

August Belt Ceremony & HMA’s 2 Year Mark!

August belt ceremony has come to pass along with the celebration of Hwarang Martial Arts 2 year anniversary!  It was incredible to see all the students having so much fun, parents being involved, and our HMA family growing stronger together.  2 years have passed thus far with many more to come.  Thank you everyone who, in small and large ways, contributed to our success as a Columbia’s best martial arts school!

May Belt Ceremony


Congratulations to the many students who earned their next belt rank yesterday! We want to give a huge thank you to our students and their families for coming out in force for the ceremony. We had a packed house. If you’re following us on Facebook, you can see from the pictures just how crowded the dojang was, and it was great seeing everyone together. The ceremony was terrific, and it couldn’t have been such a huge success without the hard work of our students and the support and contributions of their families. You all really are the best!

With a new belt comes a new level expectations for our students. What’s good for a yellow belt isn’t impressive as an orange belt — it’s time to step up the hard work and progress to a new standard. After more than a year and a half, though, we know we can expect the best from our students. They always rise to the challenge of the next rank, and we’re looking forward to seeing how well they do going forward!

And don’t forget: Summer Camp starts near the end of the month! See Master Sam to sign up. It doesn’t have to be the whole summer — pick and choose one or more weeks to attend — but it’s a great experience for the students to build community with one another, improve their skills and focus, keep their minds sharp during the off school months, and have a blast.

May 2014 Ceremony Group


A lot has been happening at HMA recently, and there’s even more to come! We’ve had two very successful Ninja Night events. Our competition team went to Penn State University’s first Nittany Lion Invitational and performed very well. We have another belt testing around the corner, and not long after that our second year of Summer Camp!

There’s a lot of information in this post, so to make sure you don’t miss anything, some quick highlights:

Ninja Night 2Ninja Night

On the last Friday of March and of April, we hosted Ninja Night–over three hours of supervised fun and games. Parents got an evening off and students had the chance to get to know their teammates better while having a ton of fun. Students learned fun techniques like the flying sidekick, played indoor games such as a unique version of dodge ball, watched movies, ate pizza, and more.

Ninja Night won’t take place every month. There will be no Ninja Night in May, for example, because of belt testing. It’s also new to us, so we will be experimenting to determine whether it’s better to hold it every month when there is no belt testing or on a quarterly basis. We’ll keep you updated on dates and other information in our monthly newsletter and in classes.

psutrophyPSU Invitational Tournament

HMA’s competition team traveled to Penn State University for their invitational tournament on March 29th. Nathan Brown and Jessica Wilson placed first in their divisions, and Raymond Trang and Rony Cao placed second in their divisions. As a school, we placed second overall.

We were very excited to participate in the PSU Taekwondo team’s first tournament. We have a great relationship with PSU and have hosted them twice for training camps. The opportunity to travel to their school and compete with them was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to turning it into an annual tradition.

Belt Testing

Belt testing starts on Saturday, May 17th and continues Wednesday-Friday of the following week. The belt promotion ceremony will take place on Friday, May 30th. Competition team members start testing an hour early on Saturday the 17th (at 10am) to accommodate the run, so don’t forget running shoes if you’re testing as part of the comp team.

Summer Camp

We’re starting to take sign-ups for summer camp. Here’s a link to our summer camp information packet. We have a special deal going if you sign up during the month of May, so hurry and take advantage of it! To sign up, just contact Master Sam with the dates you plan for your student to attend.

Summer’s Around the Corner!

It barely seems like spring most days, but summer will be here before you know it. HMA offers a fantastic summer camp for kids. We have drop off as early as 7am, pick up as late as 9pm, and the option to pay by week or receive a discount for attending the whole summer. Students will have daily training, study time, and a daily activity such as outdoor games at the park, swimming, minigolf, special trips, and more. Check out our summer camp video, featuring clips from last year’s camp!

February Belt Ceremony



Friday, February 21, 6pm-8pm

Come out to celebrate our students’  hard work at Friday’s belt testing ceremony! The ceremony begins at 6pm, immediately after our usual 5pm class. After the ceremony there will be a potluck-style dinner, so please bring something to contribute!

HMA students put in a lot of work and show strong discipline and focus to earn their belts, and this is their chance to be rewarded for it. We hope to see you there!

February Belt Testing


Belt testing begins! The belt testing schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 8 Feb, 11am-1pm (10am for comp team): Testing, all belts.
  • Monday & Tuesday, 10 & 11 Feb, 5-7pm: Test Review
  • Wednesday, 12 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing, no belt through green belt.
  • Thursday, 13 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing, blue belt and up.
  • Friday, 14 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing (make ups)


The belt ceremony will be Friday, February 21. There is a potluck style dinner in addition to the ceremony, so please bring something to contribute! See you then.