Summer’s Around the Corner!

It barely seems like spring most days, but summer will be here before you know it. HMA offers a fantastic summer camp for kids. We have drop off as early as 7am, pick up as late as 9pm, and the option to pay by week or receive a discount for attending the whole summer. Students will have daily training, study time, and a daily activity such as outdoor games at the park, swimming, minigolf, special trips, and more. Check out our summer camp video, featuring clips from last year’s camp!

February Belt Ceremony



Friday, February 21, 6pm-8pm

Come out to celebrate our students’  hard work at Friday’s belt testing ceremony! The ceremony begins at 6pm, immediately after our usual 5pm class. After the ceremony there will be a potluck-style dinner, so please bring something to contribute!

HMA students put in a lot of work and show strong discipline and focus to earn their belts, and this is their chance to be rewarded for it. We hope to see you there!

February Belt Testing


Belt testing begins! The belt testing schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 8 Feb, 11am-1pm (10am for comp team): Testing, all belts.
  • Monday & Tuesday, 10 & 11 Feb, 5-7pm: Test Review
  • Wednesday, 12 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing, no belt through green belt.
  • Thursday, 13 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing, blue belt and up.
  • Friday, 14 Feb, 5-7pm: Testing (make ups)


The belt ceremony will be Friday, February 21. There is a potluck style dinner in addition to the ceremony, so please bring something to contribute! See you then.

January 2014 Training Camp Weekend


Our second training camp weekend starts tomorrow at 8pm! Around this time last year we had our first training camp with the Penn State taekwondo club, and the event has grown considerably since then. This year, in addition to athletes from Penn State, we’re also expecting members of the UMBC taekwondo club, Olympian athlete Angel Roman, US military team competitor Greg Shepherd, and National team level competitors.

The short version of the schedule is on the main Hwarang calendar, but here are the details. All sessions take place at Hwarang Martial Arts.

Friday, January 17

Kicks and cardio session led by Master Samuel Lee. HMA team members will recognize this workout: 900s, Type III variation.

Saturday, January 18

Workout/conditioning session led by Master Samuel Lee.


Line and hogu drill session led by US military team competitor Greg Shepherd.


Sparring session led by Master Samuel Lee.

Sunday, January 19

Technical workout session led by Olympian taekwondo athlete Angel Roman.