New Video Posted!

Check out our highlight reel from our most recent Collegiate Training Camp!  Penn. State University, UMBC, HMA, and special guests including former Olympic fighters and National Team members made this camp possible.  Video can be found in the video gallery under the “MEDIA” tab.  Edited by our very own Coach Nathan Brown.

3rd Annual HMA/PSU/UMBC Training Camp is almost here!

Our annual 3-day training camp is less than 2 weeks away!  It will be held from Friday, Feb. 6th – Sunday, Feb. 8th.

This event is for high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate athletes who are looking to improve their sparring game for regional, national, and international level competition.  Special guest, Former Olympic athlete, Angel Roman (2008 Beijing Olympics), will also be in attendance as a coach and instructor.  This event is open to all.  Train and hang out with the members of Hwarang Martial Arts, Penn.State University’s Taekwondo Team, and UMBC’s Taekwondo Team on and off the mats during this awesome event!

You must fill out the online registration to take part in the camp! (Link below)

Happy New Years from HMA!

I hope you had a relaxing holiday and that your year is off to a great start!

With the new year, our new class schedule is now in place. You can find the schedule here. The schedule is designed to put students of similar experience or skill level together since they will likely be working on the same things, but if you can’t make the needed adjustments to the new time slots, it’s okay. Just let me know and we’ll work it out. And, of course, students are welcome to participate in classes outside their rank — but if they’re in a lower rank class, it’ll be more review, and if they’re in a higher rank class, it’ll be more challenging.

I’m looking forward to all the good things coming up at HMA this year. We still have our annual winter training camp with Penn State to come, more ninja nights, and as the weather warms up we’ll have more outdoor training camps and other special events. This summer will be our third Summer Camp, and it’s always getting better.

I’m so grateful for the continued support of all the families of students who train at Hwarang. Together we’ll help our students through another year of learning to be stronger and more focused.

December Belt Ceremony


We had more than 30 students earn belt promotion for our most recent belt ceremony! We’ve added some great pictures for that and for our outdoor training camp to our photo gallery. Check out a preview below! Thanks again to all the families who contributed to the belt ceremony. Without you it could never be such a huge success. And congratulations to all the students who earned their next rank. They’ve all worked so hard for it!

Hope everyone’s staying safe and warm during this especially cold holiday season. See you at the dojang!

Belt Ceremony December2014

Outdoor Training Camp November 2014