Belt Testing is Almost HERE

This week is BELT TESTING!!! All youth TKD students must turn in their belt testing registration form AND behavior & conduct form signed by both your teacher at school and parents at home.  If you are behind on your poomsae there are some videos to watch in our video gallery or simply search for your form by typing “taegeuk [insert number]” on youtube for hundreds of references!

Here’s a fun test fight with Master Sam and his friends!

Summer Camp 2017

Master Sam is back from his Europe Marvel Universe Tour and it’s time to get back to training and having fun while doing it too!  Check out the 2017 Summer Camp schedule under the “Summer Camp” tab for all info!

2017 HMA FMA Cross Training Camp Highlights!

Freedom Martial Arts , Hwarang Martial Arts , Kim’s Karate Alpha Omega , plus a couple Virginia and Pennsylvania youth taekwondo players all got together to train. Master John Altizer of FMA ran a very successful four hour training session putting emphasis on power techniques ! Here are the highlights from the camp ran in Columbia, MD at the school of Hwarang Martial Arts


New Vids & Contacts!

Check out the new vids in our video gallery!  We have 3 new ones in our special events section and 1 in our demo reels & practice section!

Master Sam is currently in France and can not answer calls.  To contact HMA staff, please contact the following:

Coach Nathan Brown: (410)946-7361
Instructor Daniel Lee: (240)393-5488
Office Manager Jessica Barker: (443)833-2473


2015 Master’s Cup Challenge Tournament RESULTS

Poomse :
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place

Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place

Matthew Baek – 1st place
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Sujin Galstad – 1st place
Rony Cao – 1st place
Jessica Wilson – 1st place
Nathan Brown – 1st place
Gia-Han Nguyen – 1st place (exhibition)
Joe Bray – 1st place (exhibition)
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place
Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place
Gregory Galstad – 2nd place