HMA offers a number of programs for all ages. Prices are listed for each program. We offer a free trial for the youth or adult program.

*Family Discount: 2nd member 10% off monthly, 3rd 20% off
*Referral Discount: 10% off monthly membership PER active referral
*ONE TIME $90 REGISTRATION FEE*  Includes full student uniform

** Don’t forget to check below the class listings for our After School and Summer Camp programs! **

Youth Taekwondo

No Contract: $165/month – 6 Month Contract: $145/month – Annual Contract: $125/month – 2 Year: $115/month – Per Class: $20

Available to students ranging from ages 4-17.  This program is focused on the student’s physical and mental development and will follow the HMA Taekwondo curriculum and the ideals of traditional martial arts, stressing the cultivation of discipline and self-control, focus, confidence in one’s abilities, leadership set by example, and responsibility.  Students will be training under the HMA curriculum in the art of W.T.F (Olympic) Taekwondo and will practice kicking techniques, poomse (traditional forms), point sparring (Olympic rules), and execute drills for physical fitness and to strive for mastery of techniques.

Little H.I.T Program

Our little H.I.T program (Hwarang in Training) is our 3-6 year old program designed specifically for younger, aspiring martial artists.  This program breaks down the youth TKD program curriculum into a system more suited for children 3-5 years old.  By the time students in this program finish to the to final rank for Little H.I.T, they may test and join the ranks of the Youth TKD program!

Adult Taekwondo


Classes revolve more around Taekwondo endurance and strength drills, kicking technique, sparring strategy, and sportsmanship while still incorporating the traditional Taekwondo curriculum.  Students in this curriculum will be pushed physically according to their individual level, achieving fitness along with the enrichment from the traditional aspects of the art Taekwondo.


$25/class (includes 1 hour open floor), included for current students at no additional cost

Martial arts tricking is a challenging discipline that incorporates the kicks of martial arts with flips and spins. Tricking is challenging mentally and physically, and it is a highly rewarding pursuit. Practicing tricking will leave you in awe of what the human body is capable of.


Private Only

Available to teens and adults 13 years of age and up.  This program will be physically rigorous, similar to the Adult Taekwondo Program but without a traditional martial arts curriculum.  These classes are about achieving full body fitness, focusing on kickboxing style striking and strategies. **Currently, kickboxing classes are by request. Contact Master Samuel Lee if you are interested.**

Private Sessions


Clients who wish to receive one on one attention from the head instructor may inquire and schedule for private sessions.  These sessions may be for full attention personal fitness training or curriculum specific training.  Whether you need a personalized training regimen to strengthen your body and lose weight or focus on technical skills/curriculum material, private sessions are available with Master Lee.

After School Program


HMA’s after school program offers after school pickup from schools in or near the 21045 zip code.  Students are taught and tutored for up to an hour by Master Samuel Lee and Instructor Daniel Lee, UMBC graduates with Bachelors degrees in Psychology.  After homework and tutoring time, students will participate in the normally scheduled taekwondo classes until they are picked up.  Available seats in this program are limited.

Summer Camp

$160-$180/week Activity Fee Included

During the summer, HMA offers a camp for youth. Parents drop of their children in the mornings. Each day, camp members participate in morning training, study time, and DAILY field trip or activity such as outdoor swimming, go-karting, laser tag, cookouts, batting cages, or playing outside at a park. Drop off and pick up times are very flexible, and there are no late pick up fees.