New Vids & Contacts!

Check out the new vids in our video gallery!  We have 3 new ones in our special events section and 1 in our demo reels & practice section!

Master Sam is currently in France and can not answer calls.  To contact HMA staff, please contact the following:

Coach Nathan Brown: (410)946-7361
Instructor Daniel Lee: (240)393-5488
Office Manager Jessica Barker: (443)833-2473


2015 Master’s Cup Challenge Tournament RESULTS

Poomse :
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place

Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place

Matthew Baek – 1st place
Jeremy Mesia – 1st place
Sujin Galstad – 1st place
Rony Cao – 1st place
Jessica Wilson – 1st place
Nathan Brown – 1st place
Gia-Han Nguyen – 1st place (exhibition)
Joe Bray – 1st place (exhibition)
Jaiden Nguyen – 2nd place
Brandon Kansagra – 2nd place
Gregory Galstad – 2nd place